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“Toaster Huggee” Cafe Mocha at the Toasterhuggee shop
It’s a Toaster Cover! Covers the top and hugs the sides so it stay in place!

My toaster cover will hug METAL OR STAINLESS-STEEL TOASTERS.

100% Cotton
Machine Washable
13 inches wide by 7.5 inches long (deep)

1. My contemporary toaster cover will help to keep dust, germs, dust mites and other floating particles from floating into the open slots
2. This modern toaster cover does not completely cover the appliance, which is still prominently displayed to compliment your kitchen’s decor
3. A machine washable toaster cover that securely hugs the sides of your toaster (METAL OR STAINLESS-STEEL)
4. The “Toaster Huggee” Toaster Cover is Handmade in USA

The Toaster Huggee came about because I wanted to cover my brand-new stainless-steel toaster, but not completely. I only wanted to protect the top of the toaster to ensure dust and germs did not float into it, but still display the exterior of the toaster. I loved how my toaster looked and wanted something to make it pop, not hide it as traditional toaster covers do. This idea intrigued me so much, I learned how to sew in order to make it.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in



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