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Toaster Huggee brand toaster covers are an innovative way to cover your two or four-slice toaster. This faith-based print is a great reminder of a love that is heartfelt.

This toaster cover is a black and white 100% cotton print, and lays beautifully! This magnetic fabric toaster cover is custom handmade, and available for 2-Slice or 4-Slice toasters

It covers just the top and “hugs” the sides so the cover won’t fall off.

If you’re a germaphobe like me, you’re having nightmares about the dust and particles that can float or fall into an uncovered kitchen counter toaster. My solution will not only keep the germs at bay, but will add a pop of interesting décor to your kitchen.

After you’ve paid a pretty penny for your designer toaster – why put it away in a kitchen cabinet. Display it prominently, accented with my Toaster Huggee®. No, it won’t slide off, but will hug metal and stainless-steel toasters.

  • Toaster Huggee® covers keep dust & other particles from floating or falling into your toaster when not in use
  • Protects the top & “hugs” the sides of metal or stainless-steel Toasters.
  • Designer Covers won’t completely cover your toaster, but complements it & your kitchen décor
  • Most Toaster Huggee covers are 100% cotton
  • This cover is 18×7.5 inches

This item is trademarked and patent pending. No one else has this item except for the Toaster Huggee Shop.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 1 in

13 x 7.5 two slice, 18×7.5 Four Slice


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