Toaster Huggee® Covers for your Toaster

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Toaster Huggees® protect the top and “hug” the sides of most metal or stainless-steel Toasters. It helps keep dust & other particles from floating or falling into your open toaster slots. It doesn’t completely cover your toaster, but compliments your toaster & your kitchen decor! Most Toaster Huggee® covers are 100% cotton, machine washable, and all are handmade. The 2-slice covers are 13×7.5 inches & the 4-slice are 18×7.5 inches. Don’t see one that fits your toaster? Custom sizes are available. Toaster Huggee® covers are priced between $18 to $25SEE VIDEO BELOW


What People Say

I absolutely love my Huggee Toaster Cover!!! It fits perfect, and looks fantastic!! Fast shipping

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It’s absolutely beautiful! I love flowers and this matches my kitchen perfectly! Great Workmanship.

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Absolutely love it! Such a great idea and just what I was looking for! Super communication and quick shipping. Thank you!

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